About Us

Ranch History:

The ranch was founded 60 years ago by Andy Williams and his older brother, Robert. Andy Williams is the famous singer who made ‘Moon River’ an American standard. The Williams brothers came from mid western farming stock and elected to invest in farming land in the California central valley. They developed the ranch to raise and show championship Arabian horses. In the end, the ranch ended up in the hands of Robert Williams and his wife. They lived on the ranch happily for the duration of their lives. It was purchased by Steve and Dana Cole in early 2005 who undertook extensive renovations and improvements.

The Ranch Today:

The mission of Cole Ranch is to provide excellent yet affordable care and training no matter what the age, value or race record of the horse. Each horse is treated with dignity and compassion befitting these magnificent animals who give so much to us. Only the very best alfalfa, grass hay and grain supplements are fed and our pastures are planted in Bermuda grass renowned for safety and nutritional value. We maintain strict programs for vaccinations, de-worming and hoof care. Our facility is clean and well maintained at all times with the primary focus placed upon horse safety. Owners and visitors are always welcome to visit.