Breaking & Training

Starting yearlings is an important part of what we do at Cole Ranch. Our goal is to teach without fear. This is done by building a sense of trust and confidence in the rider and groom.

Your horse will be a willing participant rather than being terrified of the consequences of disobeying. It will be secure in its work and trusting in people and the environment around it. To achieve these goals, each horse must be treated as an individual, mindful of the natural temperament of the animal. Specific training techniques and the pace of training are dictated not by arbitrary time tables but by the horse itself. Thoroughbreds are bred for speed and stamina not for a gentle disposition. Many are by nature fearful and may over-react, sometimes violently, to unfamiliar stimuli. Patience and repetition is the only remedy for fear.

All horses trained at the Cole Ranch are sent to the race track farm-fit, safe, ready and willing to work.

What People are Saying

Over the years we have been privileged to start horses for some of the best trainers in the country and it is their opinions of our work that matter most to us. Here's what a few of them have said.

“I thought I was saddling a four year old rather than a two year…and that was on the colt’s very first day at the track.” - Kristin Mulhall

“Steve consistently delivers horses that are ready to rock and roll. They are well broke in every respect and a pleasure to train.” - Mike Puype

“The last horse the Cole Ranch brought us went to the main track the next morning, galloped like a seasoned professional and was comfortable with all the little things as well.” - Kent Swazy, assistant to Eoin Harty

“Two year olds from the Cole Ranch are prepared well above the norm with soft mouths and mannerly dispositions ready to begin their careers as race horses.” - Patty and Mike Harrington

“Horses from the Cole Ranch are well started. They do everything they’re supposed to do from day one.” - Steve Specht

“When Steve brings a horse to me, I know it will have been started correctly. They’re fit and well prepared, manageable and eager.” - Howard Zucker