Sales Preparation AND CONSIGNMENT

Sales Prep is tailored specifically to the needs of each individual horse with a focus on diet, exercise and grooming over a six to eight week period leading up to the sale. Your horse will have a shiny, lustrous coat, free of blemishes. It will be well behaved and it will move willingly in an athletic manner.

Diet: Our nutritional program consists of properly rationed alfalfa and formulated grain combined with vitamins and minerals, rice bran oil, and Platinum Performance. Each horse is given an appropriate combination of feed and supplements for its particular body type. Only in this way, will your horse look and feel its best. Horses that are overweight may have grass hay substituted for alfalfa while horses that are thinner may have unlimited access to food or special feed designed for weight gain.

Exercise: Before and after exercise, the horse is hand walked in a brisk and athletic manner in preparation for being shown to a potential buyer. The length of time they are exercised depends on age, size, fitness and maturity level. The goal is to build muscle tone while decreasing fat without undue risk of injury.

Grooming and Hoof Care: Horses are bathed and groomed vigorously on a daily basis. Although we use a variety of products to condition hooves and coat, there is no substitute for old fashioned elbow grease when it comes to grooming. Informed buyers pay special attention to hooves and for good reason. We too pay special attention to them. Hooves are trimmed and shoes are applied as needed by our own in-house staff.


Cole Ranch is a consigner at most California auctions. Our experienced sales staff is well dressed, polite and professional. And Dana and Steve personally attend each sale.