Equine Vibration Training/Therapy

Build Muscle, Increase Bone Density, Recover Faster

How It Works

Vitafloor ® is a five inch thick floor that vibrates at different intensities depending on the intended use. To avoid the horse continually resting one leg, the floor can be set to gently tilt at one minute intervals, causing the horse to slightly re-adjust its balance, ensuring the use all four legs. In addition this helps with muscle activation for an increased effect.

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Vibration Training has been shown to inprove blood circulation, especially in the legs and organs, which helps to prevent injury, accelerate the healing process and help to prevent colic.

Vibration Enhanced Training

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala has carried out extensive research and testing on the Vitafloor starting in 2003, including studies to analyze what happens with a clinically healthy horse during vibration treatment on the Vitafloor. No negative effects have ever been noted from treatment and horses really seem to enjoy their sessions too!

- Increased Muscle Power after only 10 minutes per day for 10 days
- Increased Bone Density up to 20% (human study)
- Increased Blood Circulation
- Increased Acceleration
- Increased Flexibility
- Increased Production of Terstosterone
- Decreased Cortisol (stress hormone)

Vibration Recovery Treatment

The Vitafloor® benefits and shortens the recovery processes, especially of soft tissue injuries.

- Less risk for tear and fracture of muscles, tendons and bone.
- Helps in the prevention and treatment of colic
- Helps in the treatment of laminitis and silicosis
- Stimulates more rapid hoof growth
- Suitable and effective for rehabilitating horses on box-rest

Since becoming commercially available in 2005, 100’s of Vitafloors have been used in barns to help horses reach their full potential and to assist in the recovery from acute or chronic problems. In many cases the rehabilitation time was quicker, and more successful than usual.

It is especially successful treating suspensory injuries and has had some promising results with navicular disease and even laminitis. Preliminary veterinary research shows it also increases bone density and improves back musculature as well as improving hoof quality. Clinically, it helps with muscle and joint soreness and makes the horses looser and suppler. It is non-invasive, very safe, and easy to integrate into any daily training routine. And most importantly, horses love it!!

Case Studies

Soft Tissue Injury In 11 Year Old Quarter Horse

History: Moderate tear of the medial collateral ligament of the right front coffin joint.

Sonograms of medial collateral ligament of right front coffin joint, showing enlarged cross-sectional area and a fresh-appearing core lesion in the image at left. Three months later, as shown in the image to the right, it shows reduced effusion and reduced synovitis, the lateral collateral ligament was normal and there was a decrease in inflammation in the coffin joint and good granulation in the core lesion of the medial collateral ligament. Horse was treated twice daily on the Vitafloor.

Bone density disease in 13 year old Arabian

History: This horse was diagnosed with moderate to severe Bone Fragility Syndrome (BFS) or Silicosis in April 2012 at UC Davis.

She was to be retired from riding due to the risk of musculoskeletal trauma because of the loss of bone density. As of June 1, she was treated twice daily for half an hour on the Vitafloor, as well as twice daily half an hour on the eurowalker, and turn out whenever possible. She returned to UC Davis in October for her follow up Scintigraphy and below are the results. She was no longer lame and her overall fitness and condition was better than ever. The radiologists were amazed by her improvement, and she was given the all-clear to go back to work!

Images taken at UC Davis, the image on the left are the first bone scan results of the scapula, and the images on the right were taken 6 months later, showing clear improvement.

After gradually decreasing the vibration therapy, this horse has now returned home where she is back under saddle and doing well.